About KRD

Krajowa Reprezentacja Doktorantów KRD (National Representation of PhD Candidates) is a nationwide representative and supporter of the will of the PhD students’ community. According to the Law on Higher Education and Science, this organization has the right to express opinions and submit motions concerning the matters related to all doctoral students, including the right to express opinions on normative acts concerning PhD candidates.

In its statutory activities, the KRD has the right to:

  • represent interests and defend the rights of doctoral students,
  • develop doctoral self-government,
  • cooperate with institutions and organizations  supporting the scientific activities of doctoral students,
  • support the initiatives of the doctoral students’ community,
  • build cultural and social bonds,
  • express opinions and present conclusions on matters related to all the doctoral students,
  • give opinions on normative acts’ proposals concerning PhD candidates,
  • present proposals of legal acts to the competent state authorities.

National Representation of PhD Candidates is involved in a wide range of sport projects, competitions and training-courses on soft competences. Among the projects implemented under the aegis of KRD, there are PROPAN and PRODOK contests. These are tournaments for the finest doctoral higher-education institution in Poland. The aim of these is to select an university/unit of the Polish Academy of Sciences that creates the best conditions for studying and research for PhD candidates and to promote good practices implemented within doctoral studies. KRD cooperates also with local and scientific agreements of doctoral students such as:  

  • Doctoral Forum of Polish Universities, 
  • National Alliance of Doctoral Students of the Academy of Physical Education,
  • Alliance of PhD students in the Humanities and Social Sciences,
  • Alliance of PhD students of Technical Universities, 
  • Agreement of PhD Students of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

The first chairman of the KRD was elected in 2006.

One of the KRD bodies is the PhD Student Rights Ombudsman. He fulfills the competences of the guardian of the PhD candidates’ rights specified in the applicable legal acts. He intervenes in individual cases of doctoral students with bodies, organizations and institutions obliged to respect and exercise the rights of a PhD candidate. Ombudsman conducts also informative campaigns and other activities aimed at increasing awareness of the rights and obligations of the doctoral student.

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